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There are times when it can be scary to work through a challenge by yourself. Leaders, individuals and organizations can often benefit from working with a professional coach who can help them see their challenges through a different lens, provide feedback others may be holding back, and accompany them on every step of their journey to achieve success. Professional coaching may just be your ticket to success. Let's find out.

"There's no greater success than helping others succeed."

                      -  Dan Groves

Top Testimonials:

       (client identities represented by initials to maintain confidentiality, and the author of each testimonial has agreed to serve as a reference when requested)

"Dan is an outstanding executive coach. He and I worked on issues related both to my career and navigating colleague relationships. Based on limited information he was able to size up situations quickly and play them back to me, which made it clear he truly understood me and could read between the lines. I chose him as a coach largely because of his extensive track record as an HR leader and the assumption that he would understand organizational dynamics – which he clearly does. He asks great “get to the heart of the matter” questions that lead to self-insight.  He also has a warm and engaging style that allowed me to feel an almost immediate connection and level of trust. 

I would recommend Dan highly."

          J. G - Central NJ

"Dan was great to work with. Sometimes in your personal life or professional career you realize changes are needed or your soft skills could use some work. Maybe it’s time for big, bold changes or just some tweaks here or there. Whatever the need, Dan helps you navigate a path of self-discovery in a way that is non-threatening and judgment-free. By creating this type of environment and championing your journey at each step, Dan sets the stage beautifully for your exploration of what is or is not working and the potential changes you can make to build a better you. Backed by years of executive leadership and organizational coaching, and coupled with a deep understanding of talent development that drives performance, Dan is a well qualified partner for your coaching journey. I am truly grateful for the opportunity I had to work with him."

          L. C. - Portland, OR

"Trust. From our first meeting, Dan created an environment of support, honest dialogue, respectful questioning, and an overall sense of safety which enabled me to trust him implicitly. As a result, I was able to openly discuss even the most difficult management and HR topics and be comfortable with my vulnerability, allowing us to work through challenges more thoroughly. I looked forward to connecting with Dan both personally and professionally each week, and always stepped away from our sessions feeling encouraged, empowered and thankful for his help."

          K. M. - Boston, MA

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Dan is passionate about helping others achieve success. He has supported thousands of individuals throughout his career spanning several organizations across multiple industries. After starting his career as an Industrial Engineer in the steel industry, Dan changed his career trajectory and moved through challenging HR generalist, specialist, and leadership roles at organizations across multiple industries, and he spent the last 15 years of his corporate career in senior and executive level HR roles at industry leading organizations such as Highmark, PNC Bank and Koppers.

Dan taps into his diverse experiences .....



Andjela Milenkovic is a branding and resume expert with a background in career consulting and HR. She has helped hundreds of professionals tell a powerful story about their achievements and create a distinct personal brand. Andjela holds a BA in Psychology and is passionate about detecting peoples' true talents and desires and combining them with their work accomplishments and real-world needs of the job market to support them in their job search efforts and overall life fulfillment. 

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